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Discover the chilling realm of Dracula through a daily portrait

Artistic Manifesto for 🦇Dracula a Day:
A Daily Portrait of Count Dracula
by Prof. Enrique A. Palafox 

The Artistic Journey of Enrique A. Palafox in Reimagining Dracula

My #DraculaADay project stems from over nine years of in-depth study and visual exploration of Dracula, blending academic insight and artistic experience. It reflects a comprehensive understanding of Bram Stoker's work and its many adaptations. This endeavor leverages my graphic design skills and art knowledge, incorporating AI and digital retouching for unique interpretations of Count Dracula, moving away from typical romantic stereotypes. Each portrait captures his true essence, contributing a new perspective to Dracula studies and enriching the character's understanding in the 21st century.

Count Dracula as described in The Book of Dracula

Visualizing Horror: Palafox's Unique Artistic Vision of Count Dracula

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