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The book of dracula Vampire
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The Book of Dracula ephemera
bram stoker draculadaily, the book of dracula,
draculadaily, the book of dracula,
draculadaily, the book of dracula, bram stoker
draculadaily, the book of dracula, bram stoker
Dracula Letter
draculadaily, the book of dracula, bram stoker
Book of Dracula
draculadaily, the book of dracula, bram stoker
Draculadayli, bram stoker book
letter draculadaily, the book of dracula,

How it works:

From May the 3rd. to November the 6th, every year, we read The Book of Dracula from a fresh perspective. As events in the novel unfold, we explore and access all the documents mentioned in the book, such as telegrams, memos, letters, and receipts, presented in detail and in real time. As a passionate fan and an expert in the original text, I aim to vindicate this often-forgotten tale. This page is my legacy to honor the original book and a personal crusade to revalidate this literary masterpiece.

Cruz de Dracula
Letter from Count Dracula
Dracula ephemera

For years, I have dedicated myself to creating the most faithful representation of The Book of Dracula across all possible media. This page offers a unique and terrifying way to read the novel in real-time as the events unfold. I have recreated every document, telegram, letter, memo, newspaper clipping and ephemera from the novel. In this blog, you can access them as the story progresses, since Dracula is an epistolary novel with events spanning from Walpurgis Night on April 30th to November 6th. This page is the result of my creative research on the original novel, which began a decade ago.

Cruz de Dracula

Meet the characters

draculadaily Prof Van Helsing

Prof. Abraham Van Helsing

Mina Murray Draculadaily

Miss MIna Murray

the book of dracula Jonathan

Jonathan Harker

dracula designer

My Vision:

Welcome to the dark and chilling world of The Book of Dracula, narrated from my perspective, Dr. Enrique A. Palafox, Graphic Designer, Master in Communication, and Doctor of Modern Letters, specializing in the Vampire Count. Inspired since childhood by Nestor Redondo's Graphic Novel, Dracula, the Nosferatu, has been a fascinating and terrifying figure in my life. This page is the result of over 10 years of combining academia and design, enriched with my experience in media and Dracula transmedia, striving for the most faithful representation of Bram Stoker's original text published in London by Archibald Constable & Company in 1897. This page, passionately created, is dedicated to the true fans of this classic horror novel. Enjoy.

Read the Testimonials:

"It is very exciting to read the book of Dracula, as if everything is happening right now. And I thank the creator of The Book of Dracula for this idea."

Karolina De La O Mendoza.


~  ·  ~


"I love the book, and reading with this dynamic is very interesting because you are waiting for the next chapter with a desire to keep reading. It's exciting!"

Freddy Díaz.


~  ·  ~

"I used to follow Dracula daily but this is way better. The book of Dracula daily!"

Armando PN


~  ·  ~

"This may be one of the absolute coolest pages. This conceptual Artistic Expression is Phenomenal! Cannot wait for more."

Aaron Moore.


~  ·  ~

This is insane that you're doing this.  BRAVO.  THANK YOU

Micah Cover

~  ·  ~

"I love following along with the novel in real time, and your moody, expressive illustrations really go quite nicely with the story. I look forward to future entries on this page. Well done! You did an excellent job."

Holly June Graves.


~  ·  ~

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Dracula Monogram
The Book of Dracula ephemera

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